Calling All The Chefs
Posted on 2017-08-30 13:22:44 by Shiva


In Necronia, there are many animals and plants whose parts we harvest as loot. Many types of raw food as well. But when it comes to cooking, the system is severely underdeveloped and we'd like to start remedying that over the following patches. While we have this opportunity, we'd like you to help us out by suggesting some of your own recipes! We'll take all recipe related suggestions in our Discord channel's suggestions channel, make sure to start them with the #chef hashtag. Here's what you need to contribute:

1. A name for your recipe

2. Ingredients needed to make the recipe (ingame items and materials)

3. If you want, you can make a sketch drawing (not necessarily a sprite) of how your food looks served, but this is not mandatory. 

Another thing that's not mandatory is posting stats that this meal should give your character, as this needs to be adjusted to the game in accord with the difficulty of obtaining it, effects of the base materials, etc.
Even if you post a statline/effect suggestion, please note that it may not come pass.

Also please note that along many new ingredients to come, the following basic cooking ingredients will be made available via vendors in the game: Vial of Baking Oil, Spoonful of Sugar, Spoonful of Salt, Dash of Pepper, Vial of Milk.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

You Asked, We Answer
Posted on 2017-07-10 12:34:45 by Shiva

We have recently, upon a group vote, decided to implement a Suggestions channel on our Discord where you can suggest ideas and changes, as well as discuss others'. While we as staff members try not to meddle with the discussions, we are surely keeping an eye on everything that's said and processing all this information. Today I bring you a very short and quick answer to what has been posted over the last few days, to avoid going into too much detail.

Necronian holidays! Npcs give free itens or discounts

Too early to think about implementing more on a regular basis right now, but just like The Dawn of Joy and Sheen The Ween, you can expect more holiday themed events eventually, whether they are related to a RL or ingame holiday.

Add items to hotkeys. Description: By adding an item to a hotkey, when this hotkey is pressed the item (equipment/weapon) that you are wearing gets swiped with the one on the hotkey. This will allow you to quickly change your equips/weapon to face different situations. This could also help hunters/marksman, allowing then to change the type of ammo they are using. Why: When you wear equipments that have sockets on it, changing then becomes a little harder when facing some monsters and stuff.

Something we discussed before was the implementation of a visible hotkey bar where you can put spells and items just like in the flash tibia client, but it turns out it's quite difficult to implement this without some hard work and we haven't had the time to dedicate to this issue yet.

Single class Wands and Rods Description: Maybe the mage weapons shoud be like the other weapons, specifc to one class, not having one small thing for every class. Why: This way it would be possible to expand more the wands benefits and not confuse the new players that wont really know if later they will get some of spells that get buffed from the wand or not. Complementing the single class wands and rod with my opinion: I believe there should be basic weapons for mages that can be used with any mage. Like there is for any other class. But focusing more on specific weapons rather than general weapons is actually a really good idea to improve mage's weapons. The way it's today is a total mess, honestly.

There will certainly be differences between the current wand system and the next, can't say for sure if it will go towards this direction, but they will be branching out towards individual classes eventually due to their effects. Main problem with this is the lack of sprites for these wands, which are alongside some ranged and wildheart weapons, the only types that we have a lack of sprites of.

New entrance to the Terramite cave inside the Giant Spiders lair Description: Doesnt make a lot of sense to have such a weak respawn so hard to be accessible. Maybe we could have a second entrance to this cave so low lvl playces could access that. Why: This cave is very good for low lvl players, specially for mages, but they cant hunt there since they have to out run or kill 7 Giant Spiders. At the time you can do that, you wont have any interest in this cave.

Definitely agreed. I wrote a plan for an upcoming questline that will have you go to these caves for a part of a quest, so once we get to working on that, the cave will probably be changed as well as provided with a direct entrance, while still remaining connected to the spider cave as well.

Use proven forum like discourse or vbulletin instead of reinventing the wheel, good forum is shit-ton load of coding and its probably much easier to fetch whatever data you want from your db into forum db than writing whole forum itself.

May have written about it, but i'll say it again, Cornex already wrote a forum system for an AAC he made so I believe he'll just be reusing the script with minor layout and code changes.

Remove the lupol etc... and replace those with another system. Like: Strength, agility, magic, vitality. Strength rises cap and melee dmg, allows use of medium then heavy armors and weapons. Agility increases hit rates for melee and ranged weapons, shield block rate and dodge. Allows use of agility based weapons (rapiers/bows) Magic increases mana amounts, allows use of staves/orbs/wands/rods reduces mana cost of spells. Vitality adds hp, reduces slowdown caused by medium and heavy armor, increases resistance/duration of status effects. Each level each class gets a few points to add here (on top of what they get on levelup) Remove level restrictions on eq and put in str/agi/mag restrictions instead.

Some minor changes to values regarding the current stats are due, but a rework of this scale is unnecessary and too much work.

Bestiary journal, after killing one (or x), or from npc quest you unlocking creatures with some data like exact hp, armor, speed, strenght and weaknesses, maybe even drop more conent for players, more data for wiki.

It would certainly be interesting, but we are in some instances already giving away way more information than we should, if we continue laying it all out in plain, there will be zero mistery about anything left. As for the wiki, I think most of the excitement about editing the wiki is the adventures you have while trying to figure out this kind of information on your own, that would also completely be ruined if we were to just give you all information straight up on a paper.

More container space Description: We could have some unlockable space on the depot, by that i mean, we could make some more slots on the depot, but they only get unlocked by a quest or/and with premium (each one open a number of slots). Why: I saw some people asking for this, so i decided to add this here.

A bunch of depot space is already reserved for Deluxe Acc (/EACC) players if I recall correctly. Furthermore, I think it's simply unnecessary either way since it has enough space to begin with, and you are able to literally put thousands of backpacks within backpacks filled with items inside, so you can manage your own amount of space.

Elemental weapons - Description: Some elements are better than others, thats just a fact, because of that those better elements should only be accessible at higher lvls, or if accessible at lower lvls, they should have way less dmg than other higher lvl weapons. Holy > Ice > Death > others Why: Weapons like Glacial Spear or Silver Dreadcutters are accessible at lower levels and because of their element people use them up till end or near that and thats really bad.

I don't necessarily agree that weapons based on their element should have different amounts of damage, because for every monster that is weak to an element, there is another one that is strong to it. Some of them are still not reachable ingame so it can look weird atm. Another thing is the fact that the need for elemental damage on a weapon is defined by the places where you happen to be hunting at the moment, which could be changing every few levels, thus rendering the element you used in 1 one place effectively useless in another. One thing that could be optimized is the availability of these weapons to align with the levels when you'd be hunting in a place where they are put to good use, however this can also prove to be too convenient and make you work less for great results, and we don't want to make things too easy either. Some balance will have to be made on this matter. I'd prefer having less elemental damage weapons overall, and rather letting people build up their own elements via artifacts, but we need artifacts to be removable once equipped for this to be explored further.

Name change in Necronia store.

Sure, can do.

Make more crossbows droppables till crafting system is reworked. (Please announce which mobs and droprates for the wiki so we don't have to reset the current loot statistics) :p

Need to figure out new stats and sprites for adding new items to the crossbow roster first.

Mailbox at Pirates.

Since the pirates will soon be a localized questing hub anyway, this would have been done either way probably, since it's quite a remote location.

Name: Factory quest Description: This quest gives a different weapon for each vocation,which is good. The problem is that even the level requirement for the weapon changes from one item to another, i think the lowerst i saw is lvl 25 and the highest is lvl 65. Maybe they should all have the same lvl requirement. Another thing that i find cool about this quest is that it gives a quest only weapon, that you cant get anywhere else, and the wand reward is the only one thats not like that. Last thing, in my opinion, this quest should have a level requirement (tested with a lvl 10 and he was able to do the quest), since it is one of the best for lower levels, giving a devious armor, a good weapon and some artifacts.

This is something that I wanted to change for a long time but never got around to doing it. Like I stated before, wands suffer from a lack of sprites/different wand ids so we had to work with what we had at the time.

Let the necromancer swap places with his summon if the summon is blocking the way. Or at least, let the necromancer walk above them like it used to be.

The summons should not be blocking movement, if they do, it is a bug we have to investigate. They're specifically scripted not to block movement, so yeah... have to sniff this one out to see what's wrong. If you can share more details on which summons exactly do this, please do that in a ticket.

Make the minimum flesh gathered by "Rip" increase depending on the max health of the monster you dealing with. This way you will make the early from necromancer stays almost the same and make it better later to gather fleshs, instead of having to "stop" using your flesh skills in order to get a higher amount than 4~5. (Honestly My flesh only gets higher than 5 if I don't wanna deal damage.. which is totally opposite from what it should be)

Reasonable request, will probably do some changes regarding this in terms of new relics and changed spell formulas.

Make reflection damage show up as reflection damage in the serverlog if possible. Gives you an idea of how useful your reflection equipment is.

We intended to do this once, but it heavily spammed the server log so even one fight could produce a ton of server log data which was quite confusing, especially if attacked by several monster simultaneously. Eventually a good goal would be to let the players customize what they want to see in the server log, but we're long ways from that.

Make all wands cost 0 mana to shoot

No can do, that would make mages a bit too good. Some of the wands might have such effects on purpose, some of them might be currently overpriced in mana which can be changed, but having no costs on any of them is quite an unhealthy stretch, at least when considering the way things are right now.

Name: Spell for marksman/hunter Description: Because of cap or even the costs of making/buying their ammos, theirs hunts sometimes are very limited, so they could have a spell that allow them to "retrieve" some ammo from the body of the monsters they killed.

Hunters already have a spell like that, we're looking into possibilities of making something similar for marksmen as well.

I suggest to: Players can name your crafted items, the actual name will be the "model" of the weapon, will be like: The Destroyer OF Heads (Model: Vile Headchopper) (atk;.;.;......,.etc)

We believe this would produce a lot of troll named items (e.g. items that are already called similar to other existing items in an attempt to trick someone, items that are breaking naming rules [offensive naming]) and force us to create new rules regarding this issue, further increasing workload over a detail so small. Also, we know that specifically rather than generically named items have certain implications of power and uniqueness, so we want to reserve the privilege to keep naming items based on their relevance and importance in the game.

Have you thought about creating some visual mode to see the skill recharge times of items?!?! And who knows a loose bar like in PxG to show the abilities of the own character ??

My answer to the first suggestion where I talked about hotkey bars, would also see an implementation of this (basic squares with changed color/cooldown indicator) whenever a hotkeyed spell is used. However, like I said, quite difficult to work on so we'll need a lot more time.

How about making lower tiers of ammo cheaper at npc shops? maksman and hunter kinda lose their charm at lower levels when you have to go woodcutting/mining every hour. It would also open up hunting places since one way to avoid mining is hunting at places where you can break most of the loot for metal ores like cycs or oriopatas

It is something to consider for sure (low tier ammo only).

Thank you all for suggestions and considerations, and feel free to join our Discord and post your own if you have some good ideas for improvements.
Obviously, we think about a lot of stuff and have a lot of ideas of our own which we haven't shared yet, some of which are simply common sense (for example, visible hotkeys/spell hotkeys on screen with cooldown) but due to a lack of resources, a lot of this still suffers massive postponing. We hope you understand the situation.


Something Wicked This Way Comes
Posted on 2017-06-10 00:03:36 by Shiva

Patch 1.24.5 Highlights
Posted on 2017-05-30 21:16:59 by Shiva

A new big patch finally hits Necronia, and we're excited to share some new features and lots of bugfixes with you. First of all, we'd like to thank our active testers for their time. There is still work to be done, but your reports and insights help a lot, and things are evidently getting resolved and implemented in bulk. Some underlying problems still trouble us, and in order to ever push forward, we must first resolve what's already on our plate, so from a technical point of view, you won't see as many brand new features implemented for the the client or the gameplay as we'd hoped. However, once the current issues are solved, we'll be more than happy to develop everything you have suggested and what we have in mind, in the future.

Patch Higlights

As much as I'd like to highlight every single thing that was done, and there were a LOT of fixes, I'll only show you what might be the most exciting. For a full list of details on the patch, please refer to our changelog - Gameplay Changes 30.

Here's what's waiting for you in 1.24.5:


The idea of minipets is to give some minor animals that roam the world some new meaning. For now, you can find Stray Dogs, Avernian Cats and Wolves roaming around with yellow skulls. Animals with yellow skulls are minipets and can be interacted with. Go to your APO panel and find the Pet (Action) button, then use it on one of these animals.

In future, we'll add more minipets and more purposes to them, but for now they are used for questing and can even provide you an accompanying damage boost. This will be more apparent once more animals are there to accompany you, but for now the aggressive Wolves will take your side whenever they see you if your reputation with their kin is good enough. Increase your reputation by petting and feeding them and discover all sorts of adorable reactions to your kindness.

Refurbished Dungeons

Some of the dungeons we've had in the game for a while haven't worked properly, so we took some time to take a step back and revise this so you can fight these bosses in their full glory.
More details on which changes were made can be seen in the changelog, but the two of the most badass bosses currently ingame - Restless Gerakryll and Cerberus should now be working!

Go check them out if you dare, and make sure to bring a bunch of friends with you. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

New Questline, Minibosses, Bosses and Stories

It has been a long while since we provided any fresh ingame content, mostly because of what I said earlier - working on new content is creating room for more bugs, and doesn't fix the existing ones, meaning that the pool of possible bugs just keeps getting bigger. This is something want to actively try to avoid. With that said, I knew that going into this patch, we're gonna solve A LOT of bugs, so we may have some leeway to slip in some new content for you to explore.

Needless to say, once the creative juices got flowing again, there was no stopping them.

The area you all know as "the druids", properly dubbed Southeastern Grove now, has been infused with new life in form of a story where you find out who these druids are and what they're doing there, and then go on to explore the wild side as you traverse the world to help out with reclaiming the druidic cult back from its now corrupted masters and giving it back to honest good people.

The questline features several side-stories and opens up possibilities for upcoming patches, but most importantly, it introduces the players to some concepts for the first time - which are the mentioned Minipets, and World Phasing. World phasing refers to the process of instancing a player into the same part of the gameworld where, based on their progress, the map and the features of it will be different. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for both story-telling, character development and sending that message of "what you did here, really mattered. It literally changed the world".

This is something that will be seen in several places in future, but we chose Southeastern Grove to be the first place to do this because of its strategic location as a siege point to the moon isles of Lunar Elves - Melumelia.
As you know, the Humans vs Elves is a theme that has been hungering for a kick forward, and in order for us to get you to the new continent of Tjenn'Lunar, we need your characters to go through the process of cleansing your own homeland from Elves before invading theirs.

So, kick back and start this new questline by speaking to Tamer Ludrick in Conqueria, and battle some new amazing bosses, then watch the world change before your eyes as the evil lunar elf taint is driven away from
the altars of Southeastern Grove.

A big part of work still lies in the major upcoming fix for split-damage weapons, reworking equipment upgrade paths and equipment stats, and bringing some overdue changes to classes that deserve them - Spearman, Berserker and Wildheart. In favor of visually or functionally updating current features, such as the Blacksmithing Menu, or the Cooking Interface, we'll leave them as they are and focus on things that actually need fixing. It's better to fix what is not working, than spend time improving something that's currently functional in its core.

Besides, if you feel like some of the current features for exploring Necronia such as these 2 menus are hard to nagivate, you can go to our wiki that's been getting increasingly more activity and development from our testers over the last month, and now offers a great variety on things that you might find most important - which is Equipment, Upgrade Paths, and availability of certain materials. Perhaps you'd like to contribute too? Join our Discord and speak to other players and wiki developers who will help you out.

There are some amazing tools being developed by fans and albeit a tad outdated, they can still be useful. You can check them out, for example, the Necronia Planner or the Necronia Blacksmithing Charts.

Thinking of giving Necronia a shot?

As we push hard towards a resolution point with new patches, this is a very good time to start exploring Necronia if you're someone who hasn't tried Necronia before. In that case, this small bit of information is for you. Even though it's a test server where you can expect a lot of bugs, the server has had a very consistent uptime for a long long time, small but active community and offers a lot of fun even in this stage. Help us out by testing and reporting bugs, and improve the server simply with your presence if nothing else! There are a few caveats you have to know during the current patch: The ingame report feature requires is not up to date on this client version. Upon encountering bugs, please visit our Report Bugs website page and do it there. Your help is hugely appreciated. If you plan on promoting into a Spellcaster - one of their bread and butter spells Embers does not work, but should be fixed shortly. We invite you to join our Discord where you can get the staff's attention 24/7 even if we are not online ingame, and help or chat in general.

Client 1.24.1 and Rewards
Posted on 2017-03-13 22:16:59 by Shiva

Greetings everyone,

After a long unexpected period of absence, I am happy to say I'm (personally) in a much better position to work now, and you can expect exciting updates this month! Aside of that, I wanted to make a brief remark on the now available 1.241 client which introduces the fix for house wipes and improves the lighting system for low-end devices and areas with a lot of light. Let us know how this performance fix fares for you.

Below Conqueria's temple, you can find a reward chest that will grant you 2 relics (one Tier 1 and one Tier 2), 3 wearable Yetling costumes and a Norseman outfit (full addons), as a reward you've chosen for completing The Dawn of Joy. Enjoy!

Note: These rewards expire 10 days from now, so make sure to grab them!