Client 1.241 and Rewards
Posted on 2017-03-13 22:16:59 by Shiva

Greetings everyone,

After a long unexpected period of absence, I am happy to say I'm (personally) in a much better position to work now, and you can expect exciting updates this month! Aside of that, I wanted to make a brief remark on the now available 1.241 client which introduces the fix for house wipes and improves the lighting system for low-end devices and areas with a lot of light. Let us know how this performance fix fares for you.

Below Conqueria's temple, you can find a reward chest that will grant you 2 relics (one Tier 1 and one Tier 2), 3 wearable Yetling costumes and a Norseman outfit (full addons), as a reward you've chosen for completing The Dawn of Joy. Enjoy!

Note: These rewards expire 10 days from now, so make sure to grab them!

The Dawn of Joy Completed
Posted on 2017-01-28 20:52:17 by Shiva

Greetings Necronians,

On the evening of 27th January, the world quest [The Dawn of Joy] has been completed. On top of that, a team of brave adventurers have retrieved the [Christmas Star] from the feared Gobo Overlord and his servant Grokka.

Santa Claus is forever grateful for your deeds and service during this winter season!

The First Christmas Tree has been decorated fully, top-to-bottom, and now shines in Shivernorth with all its glory while Santa's Reindeer gather power from it and enable him to deliver presents all over the world thanks to you. Your individual contributions to this event have been recorded and such records will be put to use to reward you on the official launch of Necronia.

And now, since you completed the world quest, you can also choose which reward you want the Deities to bestow upon the good people of Necronia.

Please take a moment to vote in this poll and choose your reward. The poll will last 7 days, after which we should perform an update to remove Shivernorth and implement these rewards for you.
Any items that you may receive from these rewards are a once-per-account thing, for characters of level 35 and higher.

Thank you all for participating in the Winter Season of Necronia 2016/17. We hope you had fun.

P.S. Due to technical difficulties, we had to delay the development of [Gobos vs Gnomes], but it is being worked on and  whenever the event is fully finished, it will be released and available for testing (regardless of Shivernorth being removed). It's very possible that such events will have a chance to trigger daily (once we accumulate and test more of them), despite their thematic season not taking place at the time.

Bug Tracker Migration
Posted on 2017-01-13 08:47:54 by Shiva

Greetings, everyone. A small, but important update for all you beautiful testers out there:

We have migrated our issue tracker (the place that held the records of all our bugs on Bitbucket) to another service. We are currently in the process of setting it up to be much nicer than the old one, but in all honestly, as an end-user of this interface, you will notice almost no difference except maybe some things that are even better than before.

Until this is done, which should take a couple days, here's what you need to know:

* In the 1.24 client, if you use CTRL+Z now, it will give you invalid links. This will be fixed in a small patch as soon as we're done setting up the new tracker.

* If you need to report a bug in the meanwhile, please go ahead and open this page . As you can notice there, the page design is also a work in progress, but you will notice 3 buttons with the same functionalities as before. Feel free to use this to send your reports, they will be adequately stored in our new tracker and you will be able to preview and comment on them later once we enable the platform publicly.

* Spread this information to whoever may have not heard about it (ingame) to let them know how to handle bugs until we fix this up.

And as always, have a nice day on Necronia!

Necronia Team's 2017 Resolutions
Posted on 2017-01-11 23:37:33 by Shiva

Hey everyone!

A new year has begun and a lot of important stuff is happening to Necronia. We've made some solid plans and we're in the process of executing them.

We are here to let you in on what's going on, and what you can expect throughout this year. 

Back-end Updates

Necronia is a delicious cake baked that's nice to look at, and tastes pretty well, but after using thousands of ingredients to make it - we've left behind a terrible mess. As you recall, this project is quite old and it underwent some very heavy remakes, including the one in 2011 where it was entirely turned from a high-exp teleport based server into a slow paced story-driven RPG. Due to a lack of proper planning, inexperience in programming at the time, and the presence of so many left-over scripts, Necronia's data folder became a giant mess where even we can sometimes struggle to find our way through.

Thanks to some modern tools, we now have what we need to localize Necronia and dispatch and auto-configure the game server onto a host, together with its website, in a manner of mere minutes.

During our endless quest of improvement and development, we've attempted to hire many developers. Some stuck around for a while, but many dropped out. It is a difficult endeavor, especially in the community of the developers right now. Lately, some more people have expressed great interest in developing Necronia, and we know from our past experiences that such opportunities are not something to pass on.

So we dug deep into our data structure to examine and recognize what could be improved, because we want to improve the overall health of the code and the project at its very core.

We are right now in a painstaking process of documenting all the script systems properly (we've accumulated a lot of custom functionalities over the years, and we want new developers to be able to understand them and use them without much trouble), reorganizing scripts and folders in our data, destroying old and unused scripts and repairing currently existing ones (not in terms of bugs, per se, but rather in terms of how they were written - we're bringing their quality, and by extension, the server's stability, up to a new level).

We expect the new setting to be fully operating by the end of January.

Due to this, you might not see many flashy updates on the surface (i.e. changelog) this month, but if you've read the article so far, you can probably understand that even this work behind the curtains is something that greatly matters if we are to proceed into this year efficiently.

Lore Rework

So, this is a little bit of a stinger. I know that some of you don't care for lore at all, while some of you like to indulge in it. Everyone has their tastes, but at the end of this spectrum, a fact remains that Necronia is a heavily story-driven world, and the story is the backbone that provides ideas for the content we're creating now, and for the content we'll be creating in the future. With that said, I have reviewed the current Necronia lore and the books that you can find ingame - and many of them feel like they don't fit. The timeline is all messed up, some important characters never show up in the lore, and the lore fails to deliver solid reasoning for why some things in the world are as they are. Due to this, I decided to "fix our spine" and rewrite all the lore concerning anything before the Great Cataclysm.

I know that retconning is not liked, especially by those who are deeply involved with the story as it is now, but it is simply necessary in order to deliver a better context for the existing content, and better content for the feature. In the new lore, it's very possible that genesis of the universe will be changed. We are definitely getting rid of some goofy elements, as much as we may have liked them (e.g. Necronia Developers being Gods in the actual story, etc). In the new lore, we'll also be removing most elements and references to the old Necronia (h. exp) from the story, and divulging a better history of the world as it was before the Great Cataclysm.

You will get a chance to read about the kingdom of Avernum (the original Avernum, not the current continent) and King Henrik's lineage. You will have a better understanding of what voidlings are and why they are attacking. All the pieces will fall into place.

We expect this to be done by the end of January as well.

And not just that, but it will be printed in a page that's optimized for reading, as opposed to the current lore, which uses an anticlimactic font and is tough to read due to poor formatting.

Gobos VS Gnomes

We have already spoken about this event that's part of the Necronia Winter Season 2016/17, and you can find more details about it in the Necronia Winter Season post.

Now we just want to announce that most likely, we'll be bringing this event for internal testing on 14-15th January, and release it on BETA for testing hopefully by 16th January.

Don't miss your chance to participate in exciting snowball combat and earn exciting rewards!

February & March Plans

While some other things I haven't mentioned may happen in January, February and March are the months when we expect most progress in terms of gameplay development to happen. In no particular order, here are some things that we're looking into and that you can expect during this time:

  • A complete rework of most of the equipment (and some weapons). This also means that new items and artifacts will be added into the game. The goal is to reduce the over-all power of items, balance the amount of items and choices that exist for each class and give all classes numerous choices in terms of what kind of item build they want to go for.
  • Creatures will no longer drop equipment at all (in 95% cases), but in equipment's stead, they will drop rare materials that will be needed to craft said equipment. This makes the drop system healthier as it promotes versatility in terms of choices that you can do with your drops, and promotes the trading of materials on the market.
  • To compensate for the loss of the rarity system, we will be implementing the same system into Blacksmithing instead. We are also considering (but would like to hear feedback on this), removing the ability to craft items that can not be used by your class. As our item base keeps growing, the Blacksmithing book will turn into a giant mess. Perhaps it would be better if you could only see and craft stuff that's relevant to your character?
  • A small round of balancing will take place, to bring the classes up to speed with the new items.
  • We are looking to close at least 40-50% of all existing issues you've reported so far.
  • We will push out a new version of the client that will contain an improved version of the light system, efficiently increasing the client's performance for all lower-end PC users and fixing lag issues in heavily illuminated areas.
  • If time allows it, we will also roll out the anticipated Spearman and/or Wildheart reworks.

Other changes that are not mentioned here will surely happen, but these are some of the big milestones that we're looking to hit during this time.

In general, the goal is to have Necronia prepared for launch by the beginning of the third quarter of the year, or, if we're really productive together with the new developers, even much sooner. No matter what happens, we are releasing the game this year, and will be patching our way onwards from there on.

Let's see how much we can get done!
Thanks for being with us, and see you all online!

Reminder: Necronia Winter Season 2016/17 lasts until January 30th, so make sure to participate and try to decorate Santa's christmas tree to the very top!

Necronia 1.24 Patch - Winter Season Begins
Posted on 2016-12-27 16:53:36 by Shiva

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Necronia 1.24.
We've been working on this patch for a while, and it's all focused on improving the Necronia experience for beginners, those who've never played Necronia before and refreshing the starting zone - Bawfuria.
We have prepared a patch review page, similar to the one for 1.23, for you to take a look at. It has all the important information you need to know about the update.

Furthermore, with Christmas gone (and until January 30th 2017), the Necronia Winter Season will take place ingame, giving you access to a brand new island, many new fun activities, monsters and raids!

Necronia Winter Season - Check it out here.