1.23 Behind the Corner
Posted on 2016-08-01 06:43:13 by Shiva

Hi everyone!
As some of you may already know, I've been recently on a vacation thus the progress on the server may have seemed to come to a halt - however, we've been working in the background and 1.23 is almost ready to be rolled out!

Haven't posted anything here in a while so I figured I'd jump in with some fresh news about the upcoming update.
Have a look at the new 1.23 feature that was made today.

Spellbook 2.0

We gave the spellbook an improved look and included all the important parameters that were missing in terms of required spell resources.
Now, it displays cooldowns as well.

As the classes go through reworks, buffs or nerfs, we will also be taking time to edit each of their spells and give them appropriate effects for PVP.

Most spells don't need this tuning, but there is a certain set of those that do, and PVP can not be enabled until all such matters are resolved.​

The division between PvE and PvP spell effects will give us more control over balancing each aspect, as well as allow for fun things in PVP that are not possible in PvE (e.g. breaking your target's Mana Shield by surprise) and vice-versa (e.g. executing a monster that's below 15% HP).​
We are also debuting a new feature on Necronia, which are full cosmetic upgrades.

Of course, such upgrades will reach far and wide to give each class a chance to enhance and transform their personality, but for now, we're starting
with the iconic Necromancer (since they are getting a rework in this patch).

If all goes well with this system, you will see more skins and visual update bundles released through Necronia Store over time.

Take note that such upgrades will also be unlockable through ingame achievements and progress of your character!

Owning the 'Diabolic Necromancer' bundle will allow you to:
* Change all your minions into diabolic versions of themselves.
* Wear the Diabolic Necromancer avatar once avatars are rolled out for character profiles (most likely in 1.25)
* Shoot your regular spells upgraded with new visual effects to befit your new style.
Skins can always be reviewed and turned off/on if you own them. 

All owners of the previously released Frostmage outfit will also receive a 'Frostfire' bundle that includes visual changes for numerous fire spells to make them look icy and cold!

If you are interested in more, be sure to drop by on these active changelogs and check out the rest of the patches that are coming in 1.23.

Announced now for 1.24:
Wildheart rework, 10 new quests, 1 new area, [Pillow Fight... to DEATH!] event.

Donations, where are my points?
Posted on 2016-07-03 02:36:48 by Silence

Greetings everyone,

As you can see from the title of this post, some of you may be wondering where your points are if you donated. Currently the system which is suppose to automatically assign / give points is broken. With no estimate of when this may be fixed please either notify Shiva (@Shadowsong) or I (@Dark199) on OTLand via a private message with your character name, email used to donate, and PayPal transaction ID. We will be offering a 10% bonus in points in addition to your original donation amount for the beta only due to the delay. 

It has also come to my attention that more and more people are using control+r (rule violations / contact GM prompt), and as a result Shiva and I will always have that window open from now onwards in case you need to contact a GM due to a serious bug or some other issue. You may not always receive a response but it's there.

We appreciate your support.  - Silence.

Short Note
Posted on 2016-07-02 12:34:46 by Shiva

Hey everyone!

Just want to check in, let you all know what's going on. As you can see on the active changelogs, changes for the next patch have massively piled up. We still have a lot in plan for the next patch, which will be done rather sooner than later. For the past 2 weeks, in the staff, we've been sorting out some personal stuff to allow us to have much more free time and organize the development better. Now that it's finally done, we can continue the production of the content and start releasing more updates and patches from this Monday onwards.

Thanks for sticking with us and all the recent donations. Cheers to you all!

Posted on 2016-06-14 02:52:49 by Shiva

There has been a malfunction in the engine due to some changes we implemented in 1.22. Unfortunately, we had no way of making sure this won't happen on our private server while we tested it, because there's only 2 of us there, so we had to push this patch to the BETA to see what would happen when there's more people, and certainly, it did. We have closed the server to prevent loss or corruption of data due to the crashes that are occurring frequently. This issue will be patched up as soon as possible (likely today in the afternoon/evening hours) and the game will resume normally.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and see you soon.

1.22 Soon, Necronia Store and More...
Posted on 2016-06-12 21:05:31 by Shiva
Once 1.22 is live, the store will be available ingame.
You will be able to donate for points and spend them in the store, as well as obtain the Necronia Points via ingame means (loot, reward chests, events).

During the beta, you are able to donate for points on our website, and spend them in the store - and once we launch, you will regain all the points you've donated for (& spent).

Some quick facts about the store:

  • As you can see, the "Epic Account (EACC)" has been renamed to Deluxe Account (DXAcc).
  • The store will not offer advantageous items that are not available ingame to other players.
  • The store will not offer equipment (other than the Necronian Luck Talisman and containers)
  • The 'Reset Consumption Points' feature will likely remain ingame in form of Shaman NPCs as well, to allow players that pay with bronze coins to use the service one time.
  • Outfits available in the store will be exclusive to the store (for now), but outfits and addons will still be unlockable through ingame content.
  • You can buy reward chest keys in the store, but you still need to find and access the chest in the gameworld in order to use your keys.
  • You can not use the teleport service if you are not in a PZ, on full HP and out of combat.​


More information will be available in this week's round of forum discussions. I expect I'll have some time late tonight or tomorrow to create those threads, so keep an eye on our forum. I'll post the links here as well.

To visit our previous week's discussion threads, please visit here. We'd love to hear what you have to say: