Cooking is not considered a character-bound skill ingame. It has no skill bar nor does it yield experience. But, just because it doesn't have those things, doesn't mean it is not an invaluable asset which will steer the course of a furian's life in a better direction. Cooking allows you to turn your ordinary looted food into delicious meals which will benefit you much better than a slab of ham. Cooked meals usually have huge amounts of vitamins and are often accompanied by an unique special effect. Worm soup, while sounding disgusting, is one of the best foods for beginners that will help them regenerate massive amounts of HP for barely any cost, since it's

There are three factors which need to be accounted for when cooking, how much fuel you have, what you are preparing your food in, and your tool. Each of these is crucial to the process.

It is imporant to remember that to cook inside a pot, you will need to fill it with water from a well! [Use] any well on your empty cooking pot to fill it with water.

Cooking is straight forward and is extremely helpful in most if not all situations. You may also want to learn how to build campfires so that you can cook out in the wilderness whenever you want!