Lumberjacking is the process of chopping and harvesting wood. You use a [Lumberjacking Axe] to cut down a tree. The lower the skill of lumberjacking, the higher the chance of breaking the axe and finding less usable lumber and, likewise, the higher the skill, the less chance you face to break an axe and have a higher possibility to obtain more wood. It can take a few seconds to fully harvest a tree; if successful the tree will become a stump and regrow with time.
Woodcutting System

Dangers await lumberjacks. Similarly to the real world, it is likely that someone may hurt themselves while chopping down trees with an axe. The axe may break and inflict harm upon the user or you may hit the tree too hard and mutilate it to the point of uselessness.

Even if you fail in attempting to cut a tree, you will still be rewarded with lumberjacking experience for trying. The low end trees yield less experience but give it nonetheless. To see the full experience table, follow this link. You will end up getting more planks the better you skill, however you can only obtain a maximum of five regardless of your skill level. The formula to determine how many it is possible to get can be seen here:

[maxAmount = lowerNumberBetween( skillLevel / 10 and 5)]

Once the amount is determined, it will always give 1 plank and 50% chance to get 2 instead of 1. If you get 2, we'll give you 35% chance to get the third one. If you get the third one, we'll give you 25% chance to get the fourth one. If you get the fourth one, we'll give you 15% chance to get the fifth one.