Necronia Store

The Necronia Store is an ingame store openable by pressing CTRL+U or clicking on the Necronia Store icon in the top menu.

It contains various offers such as perks, outfits and Deluxe Account upgrades in exchange for Necronia Coins .

Some information about the store:

You can get Necronia Coins here.

Donating will grant you Necronia Points. If you donate during the BETA, we will document the amount of points you obtained and give them to you on the official release as well.

Necronia Coins are obtainable in the game as well (through quests, loot, events and more...).

The store will never offer advantageous items that are not available ingame to other players by some means.

The store will not offer equipment (except special Amulets/Rings and Containers).

You can buy reward chest keys in the store, but you still need to find and access the chest in the gameworld in order to use your keys.

You can not use the teleport service if you are not in a PZ, on full HP and out of combat.‚Äč

The outfits you unlock via the shop are only unlocked for the character that you were logged into while using the shop.

The outfits you unlock via the shop remain unlocked permanently on your character.

You can also access the "Reset Consumption Points" feature through Shaman NPCs and use that service in exchange for gold instead of Necronia Coins (once).

If you have any more questions about the store, please refer to our forum or contact our staff members.