Welcome to the reporting tutorial.
Here, you will learn how to provide your feedback, complaints, suggestions and report bugs & issues to us in a proper way. Our system works through a data/information repository called BitBucket. In order to access it quickly when you are ingame, press CTRL+Z. This will open a window with options:

If you have a bug, an issue, a suggestion or a proposal related to the gameplay to report, click the first button.

If you have a bug, an issue, a suggestion or a proposal related to the game client to report, click the second button.

If you want to visit this tutorial, click the third button.

Clicking any of the first two buttons will lead you to a repository of issues. Here, you can see the things others have reported, or you can make a report. Take a look on the image below (click to enlarge):

Creating a New Report

Once you click on Create an Issue, a new window will open prompting you to fill out a form with information. You can register on BitBucket for a nicer overview of your own reports and our activity with them, or you can report anonymously. Here, we will explain what each field of the form means and what you should fill it with. This is what the form looks like:

Title - The title of your report. It should be a brief description or a word related to the nature of your issue.

Description - Here, you describe your issue or suggestion. Be as specific as possible, down to the smallest details. It is highly recommended that you attach your character's position in the post. You can get your position ingame by typing /pos. You may also attach images to help describe the bug/suggestion. Reports are only valid if written in English language.

Turing Test - Click the box to confirm you're not a robot.

Assignee - Assign this issue to be reviewed and dealt with by a specific person in our team. Only do this if you know what you're doing, otherwise pick "Necronia" from the list.

Kind - Select an item from the list according to the nature of your post.

Priority - Help us prioritize your report on a scale from Trivial to Critical/Blocker. Trivial bugs are those that are not gamebreaking and are not that important or influential on the gameplay (e.g. Misspelled word in an NPC dialogue, misplaced border on map, etc...). Critical bugs are those that have to be fixed asap and influence the game in a game-breaking way, or even crash the server. Blocker bugs are those that make the server freeze or crash.

Component - Help us categorize your reports by describing it with a component. If your report is related to an NPC, pick NPC. If it's related to a monster, pick monster, etc.

Attachments - Use this in case you need to attach a file with your report. It may be a log, an image, or some other file we may request you to post.

Once you are done, click Create Issue.
You can always review your own issues, or the issues reported by others on the main issues page. We may comment on your issue to let you know about its status, and if the issue is no longer on the list - it has been removed and presumably fixed.

If you have any more questions related to bug-reporting, please make a post on our forum or ask one of the staff members for details.