(#1) Q: When is Necronia going to launch?
A: Necronia will launch once the beta testing is over and the content is ready and bugless for release.

(#2) Q: When is beta going to be over?
A: When everything is working as intended, the server is completely stable and enough content is available.

(#3) Q: Where can I download the client?
A: You can get the game client from our download section on the website. Click the big arrow button in the top menu.

(#4) Q: What are the "exp stages" on Necronia?
A: The experience gain rate is completely custom, but very low. (Equivalent to 1x)

(#5) Q: Which vocation/class is the best?
A: There are 3 vocations branching into 11 classes in Necronia, and each is unique in playstyle and abilities. It is completely up to you to choose the one you think will fit you the most. There is no 'best' class, there are just different roles. For example, Shadowstrikers are excellent for dealing quick damage, while Saints excel at supporting other people.

(#6) Q: Why don't you just run the server and then add content as it goes on?
A: We will do this, but we first want to assure that there will be enough content for the initial run. We don't want people to storm through everything in a week and then wait around for updates.

(#7) Q: Where can I read more about the vocations/classes?
A: Check the vocations link in the Explore menu.

(#8) Q: Why do you need donations in BETA? What do you do with the money?
A: Necronia BETA is a game server hosted in Germany for the purposes of testing the changes we make as we develop the server. We have to pay a hosting company to keep the server up, and all donations greatly contribute to this cause, helping us keep the server online and keep testing. Developing a game (especially with the intensity our team does) is a tedious & long process too. To keep our team working, we'll ocassionally issue a payment to our team-members as a reward for their hard work. These amounts are not large, as we tend to save up what we can to provide you with a great hosting service once we officially launch the server. Keeping all of this in mind, every penny counts and you can rest assured that your donation will be put to a good use. On top of it all, you get to join the beta, experience the game in its current state, help us develop it with your ideas, suggestions & feedback, and connect with the other people in this community.

(#1A) Q: My download via the Necronia updater has failed and I get this error:

A: This is an error with our updater which we are still trying to figure out how to fix. If you face this error - you should download the client via the alternative option (Archived Client). Go to our download section and you will see the link on the right side.

(#2A) Q: Necronia fails to unpack from the archive installer and gives the following or similar error:

A: This error is known to occur to those who try to install multiple Necronia clients. Please remove all your Necronia files, and if possible, perform this extraction in a freshly created folder (not the same one where your previous client was).

(#3A) Q: When I try to log in with my character, the game client freezes and becomes unresponsive: A: This error happens when the client configuration file gets corrupted. To fix this, you will need to do a manual reset of the client configuration. Follow the following steps:

1. Locate your windows' user folder. (The one you are using) (e.g. C:\Users\(youruser)\Necronia\)
2. Open the folder and delete the config.otml file you find there.
3. Try to log in now. The client will generate new configration on its own.
4. This should have fixed your problem. If not, contact our support team.