Chapter One

Der'xus and Elaxus - or light and darkness, if you prefer.

Like we would come to learn later in life, the eternal battle between good and evil was always present. Even when there was nothing else except those two. No one knows when or how it all began, but one thing is certain - it's a way of nature and it will always be there. We can only aid so much to tip the scale in one side's favor.

As Der'xus and Elaxus infinitely intertwined, crashing into each other, leaving blank space illuminated by bright stripes behind, a true wonder took place in one moment of their fusion where instead of void, matter was created. Over the course of time, more and more matter was created - up to a point where a sentient being formed from it. And not just one, but a dozen of them.

It all started with Necrus and Aero.

Ever since they had spawned, they yearned to figure out how to control the power they held in their hands - for they were nearly omnipotent. As time unwinded, they figured out how the fusion of Der'xus and Elaxus works. Necrus fell in love with the seemingly infinite power that was at their disposal, while Aero became obsessed with the knowledge he was learning with every passing moment. They called themselves the masterminds.

Together, yet so alone, they were the only beings... or at least until the moment when the whole void changed, when fusion of Der'xus and Elaxus gave life to more of these beings - Terra, Ember, Darknysh and Aqua. Necrus and Aero observed them and helped them grow and control their power. When the sixth form of life spawned, they came to a conclusion that if more masterminds keep spawning, something would eventually go wrong because of their immense power that none of them fully understood how to control. Necrus and Aero thus decided to prevent more masterminds from spawning by creating a powerful essence called Time, that would alter the speed of Der'xus' and Elaxus' fusion, rendering it unable to create more matter. Instead, they took this responsbility upon themselves.

The younger masterminds were in great disagreement with the fact that Necrus and Aero prevented new masterminds from spawning. They decided they no longer want to be in company of these ruthless saboteurs of nature and fled out into the vast realm of void.

Necrus and Aero did not care, they had something else in plan. Thus began the project of their first creation. It seemed impossible in the beginning, because anything they spawned would just dissolve into void, for it was not stable. They needed matter to hold their creations stable and intact, but there was no way of spawning matter anymore. The only matter at their disposal was the one that was created prior to their alteration of nature's rules. Studying the nature of their failed attempts, they soon realized there is no other way for their creation to form. They were now certain they needed matter, and since masterminds were the only thing made of it, they started wondering what would happen if they used one of the young ones for their project.

Meanwhile, Terra and Aqua had an argument with Ember and Darknysh. After spending some time with them and observing how they behave, they realized these two had the potential to become even worse than Necrus and Aero, as soon as they learn how to control their endless power. So they decided to split up from them and venture on their own. Little did they know that Necrus and Aero already started searching for the younger masterminds, in effort to compress them into their creation, ending their life.

After centuries of studying the possibilities of their void realm, both Darknysh and Aero developed exquisite psychic powers which included enhanced telekinetic senses and creation of wormholes. Aero used his powers to locate Aqua and Terra, and teleported himself along Necrus to their position.
"Aero! Necrus! How did you two appear here all of a sudden?!", shouted Terra.
But the look in Necrus' eyes was the only answer he needed to see. With a force unlike any other, and his form-shifting hands that suddenly started radiating the darkest dark and the brightest light - Necrus clapped and created a hole into which both Terra and Aqua were sucked in. Full of hope, Necrus and Aero watched to see what will happen. They began feeling their very core trembling and their foundational matter destabilizing. Elaxus turned darker and gained a purple color to it, and the vision of these masterminds began to slowly fade. They almost started regretting what they had done, wondering if this will be the end of them but then...

Everything calmed down. They beheld a new realm they created and now held in their hands - the very universe in which we live today. Core essences of the destroyed masterminds left their mark on the matter floating in this universe - filling it with what we know today as water and earth.

This massive disturbance in this outerstellar realm echoed through the whole void, and Darknysh could sense it too. He could not help but involve himself to see what happened. He used his telepathic powers to search for Terra, and once he found him, he began creating a teleport that would bring him to Terra's location. Little did he know that whatever he found of Terra - were only the earthy remnants that are now a part of Necrus' and Aero's universe. Once the teleport was made, Ember suggested she sends a minion through the portal instead of venturing there themselves.

"It could be dangerous, you know?"

Darknysh agreed as he let her spawn her first minion, the ruler of flames - Eltharion. He was sent through the portal to the destination where Terra was - which turned out to be the underground of the new world made by Necrus and Aero. He soaked it in blazing flames and burned his way through the whole ground in search of another being, but he simply couldn't find anything - for it was yet to be created.

Necrus and Aero, in the meantime, were experimenting with the new world they had created. They wanted to spawn creatures on it, then alter their behavior to entertain themselves, but they faced another problem. Any creature they created would die shortly after, for it didn't have enough vital essences to keep itself alive. They kept trying, over and over, but the faces of their creatures just turned blue and their bodies grew weak over the course of a few minutes, then dropped dead from suffocation.

They knew that a creature they directly create in the void would be much more powerful than the ones created in their little world, and would easily survive in there if it was thrown onto that spinning planet they particularly took interest in. Even though they knew it might be a mistake, they decided to put all their effort into spawning a blissful, beautiful and peaceful creature to protect their creations on the little planet. Thus, Shanuria - the goddess of eternal love and wisdom was created and placed on the ground of that planet. She ascended into the skies and found peace among clouds, from which she spawned angels to accompany her. Aero was stunned by her. He could not believe what an embodiment of beauty and love they managed to create. He obssessed over her day after day and refused to do anything else except observing her.

She was so beautiful and radiant with love, that her omnibenevolence made all creatures who ever saw her instantly become purified and good, beatified by her aura's embrace. Aero's affection for her grew stronger every day, and he decided he wants to descend down to their artificial universe and become a part of it, just so he could be closer to her.

All the while, Darknysh and Ember were trying to understand what is going on. And they did, even though it took a lot of thought and belief. They knew that the power of masterminds was vast, but that it couldn't produce other things without matter. It didn't take a lot of time afterwards, to realize the only thing that could have happened - Necrus and Aero destroyed the other masterminds and turned them into their playground. And yet, they had a minion, right in the heart of their playground - a minion whose presence Necrus and Aero did not expect.

They ordered Eltharion to burn and devastate the whole place until nothing is left - to teach Necrus and Aero a lesson. To aid him in his mission, Ember sent more gruesome minions through the portal. Eltharion, the majestic lord of flames, ruler of hell - and his army of infernal demons and abominations started to dig upwards through the earth in order to breach to the surface.

Necrus had much to object to Aero's idea of becoming a part of the artifical universe, but Aero already made up his mind. Necrus tried to talk him out of it, but there was no way. The only thing left for him to do was to watch his friend dissipate into the world he made with his own hands as he sacrificed his godlike lifeform just to envelop the smaller world with his omnipresence. He became the very air that all creatures breathe, thus making it possible for Necrus to finally spawn lesser minions. Necrus created humans and placed them onto the ground, unbeknownst of Eltharion's raid that was approaching from the very depths of what now was hell.

Shanuria could not rule her cloud kingdom alone, especially after she noticed there are people living below, so she spawned a creation of her own - her very son, Shiva. She knew that when he grows up, he will be able to aid the humans and spread her love through the hearts of these beings, and that he would not fail in this task. After years of drilling through what seemed like an endless ceiling of earth - Eltharion and his army were drained of power and had to return to hell, to rest. But Eltharion wouldn't give up so easily. He knew the mission could not stop now, so, with all his remaining energy, he created a lesser minion of his own and requested more troops from Ember. Made of his flames, flesh and blood, arose Milice - the hellchild, followed by a new army of even stronger demons. They set out to finish what Eltharion started.

When humans noticed that something is wrong, it was already too late - the demonic hordes made their way through the earth up to the surface, cracking a giant hole in a mountain, sending all the pressurized lava from down below into a blast which would shower the very earth these demons landed on. The eruption of this volcano marked the beginning of a war no angel nor demon would ever forget.

Thousands of people started praying for help, powerless and frightened by the diabolic creatures. Shanuria certainly answered their prayers, sending every single angel into battle to fend off and banish the wretched spawns from hell. She even drained all of her energy in effort to power up a skilled archangel warrior named Eviail. With the strength of heavens, Eviail descended into battle - and Shanuria trusted that her defense will be unbeatable with Eviail in there.

Meanwhile in void, lone and tormented by the thoughts of spending an eternity by himself, Necrus started to go mad. He didn't even notice what was going on in the little universe of his. He began searching for Ember and Darknysh, carrying the universe in his grasp, like an apple. Ember and Darknysh were having so much fun watching the war between angels and humans as it unwinded before their very eyes through intense visions that Darknysh was able to channel for them two to see.

White rain started to fall from the sky as Milice used his godly powers to reveal the Skyward Stairs - an invisible path that leads directly into heaven through the clouds. The rain weakened the infernal army, but it wasn't nearly enough to stop them. People watched from their land afar as the numerous army of hell rushed flying toward the skies that opened and started shooting powerful beams of light which burned the very soul of every demon caught in their path on the barely visible frontier on their horizon.

But the demons just kept emerging from the crater they opened, as if there was no end to their hellfire covered army of wicked monsters. In horror of this event, many stood paralyzed and just watched, hoping for the best. The battle continued as no light from heaven could stop the demons from progressing... or so everyone thought.

The dark clouds opened like a curtain, revealing a wall of blinding light from which hundreds of thousands of angels came flying right towards the demons with their weapons pointed at their throats. The clash commenced immediately as the robust infernal giants impaled the flying angels on their thick horns, ripped them apart with their tremendously sharp claws and tossed them to the ground with seismic strength. But the angels gave strong resistance and put up a herioc fight even though they were never trained to kill - only to love. Their weapons were imbued with only the brightest angelic light, soaked in holy water and ready to tear the elysian scum apart. They ripped through walls and rows of demonic resistance like knives through butter, but their diabolic hordes still seemed endless. Their driving power was their leader - Milice, who floated surrounded by colossal inferno-breathing behemoths. Protected behind a wall of defense, he kept shooting his magma bolts at an insanely fast pace which resulted in thousands of angels helpleslly burning and falling into the abyss.

Ember and Darknysh couldn't help but laugh at how pathetic the angelic army is.

As he travelled far and wide to find these two masterminds, Necrus noticed something weird was happening on the planet in his universe. At this time, the war between angels and demons was in full bloom, raging like a bull at the sight of red cloth. Necrus watched the army of his beloved creation - Shanuria, getting devoured and ripped apart by these unknown creatures. He suspected nothing else but this to be Ember and Darknysh's fault. In midst of his madness, this enraged him even more and made him want only one thing - to abolish Darknysh and Ember.

As the war on the planet raged, people started losing all hope when they noticed how unstoppable hell's leader is. Then, arrived Eviail, and without a second of thought - rushed down and sliced right through the giant monstrosities that guarded Milice with his fabled sword. Then he tackled the evil lord with divine might, crashing him against the thick walls of the erupted volcano. The battle between the two sides lasted for weeks, until the traumatised audience noticed the lack of troops on both sides. Milice and Eviail were fighting one on one, flying all over the place, crashing into each other and everything in their path. When the last angel and demon fell, it was obvious that the winner of Milice's and Eviail's fight would decide the fate of the world.

At the same time, Necrus finally found Darknysh and Ember. Miserable, consumed by anguish in his lonely soul, without a warning or a war cry - Necrus started charging the most powerful attack a creature ever unleashed - the Omniblast. While Ember was too entertained by watching the clash through her visionary powers, Darknysh snapped out of it when he sensed an immense aura of void dissolution approaching them. He turned, saw enraged Necrus charging the blast, and managed to react in time as best as he could. He fired a pulse of black matter at Necrus but his blast collided with the pulse and exploded with a force unlike any that ever existed. The pressure was too powerful and the gravity of the forcefield created by the colossal explosion had drawn them all inside of the only thing that remained to exist - the universe that Necrus carried. As Necrus shattered into tiny atoms and his essence dissipated all over his favorite small planet - he yelled its name in his voice for one last time: "Necronia!!!"

On the other hand, Milice and Eviail - who were still fighting, both began to feel weakness. They were drained of their might, for this battle between them lasted for weeks. They both charged a final attack, in hope of defeating the enemy, and rushed into each other with all they had to give. Engulfed in infernal blaze and covered by a molten shield of thick hellstones, Milice fired himself right at Eviail who finished charging his sacred sword with the power of all benevolence and everything that's holy. As Eviail prepared to make his final move, the essences of the fallen masterminds - Necrus, Ember and Darknysh, enveloped the planet and powered up the elements which they represent. The fire that fueled Milice became ten times stronger thanks to Ember, but there was nothing that would help Eviail there. He gave his best to wound Milice as badly as he could. He almost crushed him despite his molten shell, but his best was not enough to kill him. The humans of Necronia watched in horror as Milice decapitated their last protector and his bright sword fell down from the sky like a shooting star. It almost seemed like it cut the very skyline down which it fell. Milice proudly took the head of his fallen rival and ascended right to the gates of heaven. He burnt them down with his mighty flames and beheld her, the mother of all that is holy - Shanuria. She stood, looking at him, holding her son by the hand as he watched what was happening in confusion. Bathed in such blinding light, Milice took a minute or two to come to his senses and finally be able to see the most beautiful and peaceful place and creature he had ever met. The head of Eviail dropped from his hands, and he gave in to the goodness as the very sight of Shanuria purified him and filled him with love.

She embraced this demonic being and tried to make a change, by raising him along Shiva as her own son. She entrusted them with the task to keep the world of Necronia in order. People worshipped them as Gods, and worshipped their creators as The Sentients. Some of them chose to side with the evil ones, and worship Eltharion instead.

The world was finally at peace.

Chapter Two

Over the course of years, the human race had spread itself rapidly over the land of Necronia. At first, they lived in caves and under ground, but as they discovered tools and made weapons, they started to explore and estabilish first cities and civilizations. Many of them died in encounters with various other creatures that spawned on the planet from the essence of Darknysh. People going out of cities and never returning back, widows crying at homes with no one to provide for them, men enraging other species with their desire for dominance - this all happened on a daily basis and people suddenly became frightened. They wanted to prevent it but in such sudden panic, they made some of the worst decisions. They were not the only ones either..

People would often fight with creatures from other races such as minotaurs or elves, and Gods were willing to aid in preventing that. They thought if they divide the land equally, everyone would be happy and seperated from each other, thus making them unable to fight. But in an attempt to shatter the land into equally sized isles, Gods broke the underground canals of tar that streamed through the earth and spilled all the tar into the ocean, thus creating the Tarsea.

The isle that was meant to be a habitat for humans was surrounded in tar instead of water. The hot summer sunlight made tar evaporate and the air was full of poisonous gas which would bring a slow death to anyone who inhaled it for a longer period of time. " Great.", the Gods thought and wondered "How do we fix this?".

They studied the main city of the human race, the Necronia City - or, as they called it, Necrocity, in hope of finding some answers. They noticed that there was a tall tree in a garden of an old sage, right in the middle of the city. The answer to them was obvious - they would enchant the tree, making it produce such clean air that it would nullify the effects of the evaporated tar. Thus the Tree of Life was born and everyone quickly grew accustomed to the idea.

Those who discovered magic, the same ones that governed the city, started studying the powers of teleportation - for their island was isolated and they couldn't reach anything by foot nor boat, due to the Tarsea which made it impossible to sail. Inexperienced as they were, through their experiments, these mages did not realize that teleports are forcefields that draw much more energy than they thought. With every teleport they created, they ripped open the fiber of the universe, until it was finally fully open to the void. That drew the attention of the voidlings, and they entered the universe through these holes, searching for the consumer of this energy. It didn't take them long to locate the planet of Necronia and start invading it.

Their presence in the universe echoed with extremely radiant auras, that even people on other distant planets were able to detect it. It is believed that the fall and dissipation of Masterminds created more Sentients that were shattered throughout the vast universe. These Sentients spawned their own creatures and races on other planets. One of these races had very experienced warlocks which were able to detect the aura of the voidlings and trace its location in the interstellar system.

Prior to that, they had just captured and contained the biggest threat to their planet, an infamous necromancer whose powers threatened to destroy their entire world. They tried to execute him several times, but his necromantic abilities were so advanced that he would bring his own corpse back from the dead. Some would even say that he was immortal. They were searching for a way to remove him forever, and this was a perfect opportunity.

They created a weak portal to Necronia and threw him through it, sealing it for good and ridding themselves of this walking catastrophe. Once he arrived on Necronia, this necromancer spent a long time regaining his powers. He used a witch by the name of Yaga to help him with his experiments and to teach him about this world. After a decade, when his powers were finally at their peak again, he decided that he would use them for good, and not for evil. His eternal life of defiling, destroying and manipulating was no longer appealing to him. For the first time in his life, he felt loved and cared about. He convinced the people of the island below which he was hiding to accept him, even though he was much different from them. In return, he would help them fend off the voidlings who were an increasingly large threat by this time. This necromancer spawned a powerful beast by the name of Verm - a dragon built of bones and rotten organs which terrified everyone. But the fear quickly passed as they realized Verm is on their side, created for their own protection. People really cherished his existence and after a while they even renamed the city to Vermillia.

Meanwhile, the necromancer continued his hard studies in an attempt to learn how to summon the greatest terror that ever breathed and to unleash it on the voidlings. Voidlings, by this time, had already estabilished their presence on Necronia, and an open war was raging against them at many frontiers - the most famous one being the dreaded Nightmareland.

This is where King Kraven, the ruler of the voidlings, hid his whole army along with his son - Prince Kraav, during the time they were preparing to commence the war. They aimed to destroy the Tree of Life, bringing doom to all humans instantly. But during their final raid on Necrocity when this task was planned to be done - the voidlings met their fatal fate when they were unexpectedly attacked by Nephilim, the living blight, who was summoned by the necromancer.

This was the creature he was talking about all the time. This was the creature for whose creation he studied and practiced for centuries. And now, the voidlings were looking him right into his eyes filled with sorrow of a million years spent encaged in a dark soul prison, never to be unleashed again. But there he was, standing, thanks to the necromancer whose every command he obeyed in gratefulness of bringing him back to the world of the living. With darkest fury powering him up, he jumped into the voidling army and started tearing them apart, one by one, until everything but the King was just a pile of shredded tentacles. The King teleported his son somewhere, and then started laughing histerically.

"You think you can stop me? I am Kraven, lord of EVERYTHING!
I was born from the bodies of the ones who invented your pitiful existence, you foolish mortal.
Now bow to me and hand me over that rabid toy of yours."

"No!", shouted the necromancer. "I am not a mortal, you wretched scum, nor will I bow to anyone else but Gods!"

Kraven shook his head in disbelief and then shouted angrily:
"You dimwit Tyhrnis... I killed your God the day I began to breathe!!! Say hello to him in the realm of eternal nothingness where I'm sending you right now!"

Kraven clenched his fists, knelt on the floor and started radiating a purple light as his forehead ripped open to reveal an enormous eye placed in his head instead of a brain. The eye slowly twisted and turned until it locked sight on the Nephilim, instantly putting the creature through unbearable pain. Nephilim started shaking and losing his mind as the necromancer and Kraven fought for control over it.

"Stop it!! You're driving him mad! He will abolish us both!", yelled the Necromancer.

"SHUT UP, PUNY PUPPETEER. YOU DON'T DESERVE TO CONTROL SUCH POWER", uttered Kraven as the big eye on his head started cracking and squirting purple blood from the capillary that bursted from the force he used trying to take control over Nephilim.

Nephilim's screams became louder and louder, and the whole world could hear the suffering of this creature as it tried to resist the powerful psychic lobotomy. It started pulsating with a potent invisible force that slowly began to crack the earth beneath them and cause pain to people and the two rivals who were trying to take control of him. The waves were increasingly stronger, to the point where earth started shattering and both the Necromancer and Kraven were totally immobilized.

"You may have killed... a god...
B-but that doe.. That doesn't make you one, K-Kraven..", stuttered the Necromancer somehow, as both he and Kraven melted and totally disappeared in the forcefield of Nephilim's power.
Nephilim proceeded to radiate until he exploded with a devastating blast that shattered the land into even tinier pieces and left nothing but corpses and ruins in its wake.

Chapter Three

The explosion of Nephilim came to be known as The Great Necronian Apocalypse, and one of the few survivors were Marcoin and Entisia - a mid-aged couple of explorers from Necrocity that were on a far-away trip on their boat. They must have been so far from Necrocity, that this explosion did not even reach them in its full potential. Yet, they were wounded and had to find a safe haven to heal and figure out what to do. Soon, they landed on a small island where some other survivors have already gathered. With this small group of people, they started building wooden shelters. After the great apocalypse, they reset the calendar back to zero-year.

They managed to complete a poorly built wooden village and proceeded to explore the small island soon enough. Some of the younger people of this village - Bawfuria Village, who were allegedly called Furians, decided to leave the island completely to explore the sea in hopes of finding a larger land where their people could move to once Bawfuria becomes overpopulated.

To their surprise, on the shore of a huge land they stumbled upon - they found an army of men riding grey dragons, armed to their teeth and ready to fight.

Zen, the youngest and bravest of these furians, immediately questioned the situation. The soldiers explained that they had landed there recently, with a boat that they had been travelling in, during the events of the great apocalypse. They were in the middle of nowhere when disaster struck, and the radiation, luckily, didn't reach them at all. However, when they hastily turned around and rushed back to their homeland - it was nowhere to be found.

So they sailed for years until they found this small peninsula populated by a race of furry, dumb neanderthals called Troggs, led by Tirgathal - the only one of them who could speak human language. Troggs accepted them and let them stay on their peninsula, but not for long. And these soldiers promised they would move out as soon as they find a proper place to live, out there in the unknown. They used this peninsula to fully prepare themselves for battles that might await in the wilderness. Troggs referred to the peninsula as Thraul, meaning "barren" in their language.

This small army of humans was led by King Henrik the fourth, ruler of the land from where they came from. They called themselves 'The Silverdragon Crusade'. Zen was excited about all of this, and immediately requested to become a part of the army, so they recruited him and allowed him to join them in their quest of conquering the great unknown.

South, in the wilderness, they found remnants of what seemed to be a city, ruined and devastated to ashes. But despite the state it was in, this city was not empty. It was full of voidlings that used it as a shelter while sucking the marrow of this planet from its very core. An epic battle commenced between the silverdragon crusade and these vodilings. After suffering a great loss, humans managed to defeat the voidlings whose dismembered bodies now laid everywhere on the ground. Some of them fled, apparently to the north, to Thraul. They fought the Troggs that were waiting there prepared. With their otherwordly powers, they shattered the earth that connected this peninsula to the large continent, to isolate the Troggs from the humans - then they attempted to take over it by killing them all. However, Troggs have proven to be a worthy adversary despite their dumbness, and managed to defeat these abominations.

Humans celebrated the way they conquered the ruins of the fallen city, and decided to rebuild it, making a new home for themselves. They named it Conqueria.

When most of the survivors of the apocalypse that lived in Bawfuria Village were either old or dead, Marcoin and Entisia fell into their deathbeds too, wrangling a horrible illness. Since they were the most experienced members of this little society, the youth had been baffled by the thought of losing the head of their village, any minute now. Despite their ceaseless prayers, they woke up one morning to find Entisia dead. When they gave up all hope and Marcoin was at the verge of meeting the same fate as his wife, a miracle happened.

Gods listened to their prayers and decided to immortalize Marcoin by turning him into a statue. This way, he could always be there for his people with his humble advices and wise decisions. People decided to name him "the father of our wisdom".

Once Conqueria was complete, the word had spread rapidly and most of the young furians decided to leave Bawfuria and move to the new metropolis of Necronia.

King Henrik was not happy about this, because most of the young, uncultured furians that arrived would not even join the army nor do anything productive for the society. Thus he issued a law that no furian may enter Conqueria until they pass a test on his special island known as the "Island of Judgement". The test consists of rigorous training and studies that prepare the furian to embrace his powers to their full extent.

A special branch of the Silverdragon Crusade, called the Explorer's Guild, was assigned to explore this new continent that King liked to refer to as "Avernum". This was the name of the city he ruled before it disappeared after the apocalypse. To the west, on the horizon, they spotted a huge mountain. They attempted to reach its summit and view the whole continent from there. But it was not an easy task. The whole way to the mountain was covered in tall grass and marshlands. Making their way through the swamp, they stumbled upon what they expected the least - their arch nemeses, Elves.

Chapter Four

Humans and Elves have been enemies ever since their first encounter. Who started this rivalry, and why exactly - nobody knows. Only the genes in the blood of the future generations tell the story of the hatred among them. It was carved into their culture and to this day, it still is.

The explorers reported their grand discovery, and continued to traverse the lands to the west, while the king prepared his defenses in case of a conflict happening.

After months of anticipation, absolutely nothing happened, so the king decided to send scouts to the elven garrison of Elve'tor to investigate. Meanwhile, on the far west, explorers reported the discovery of a town that was constructed on top of the swamp. Its ruler is a giant serpent by the name of Slith. According to his story, the serpent-men were created by the witches of the Stinkraw Swamp when a majority of them fled from the Oiorpata Camp due to the increased number of witch executions. Unfortunately for Slith, the magic of the witches couldn't keep more of his brethren alive, so shortly after the town was built, the manaless witches had to leave the others unattended and focus all their power on keeping Slith alive.

The noblemen of Conqueria offered their help to upgrade the city with new architecture and better buildings, as the ones that were there at the time were likely to sink into the swamp due to the poor construction. In exchange, King Slith would allow humans to live in his city and build a dock. They called the town Venoma.

Using Venoma as their second look-out, they were able to keep an eye on the elven activity all throughout the swamp. When the investigation of Silverdragon Crusade's scouts was over, combining all the gathered data, the council concluded that Elve'tor is but an outpost for the Elves to keep an eye on Avernum. Their true homeland was somewhere else.

By the time the King arranged for a fleet of SDC's troops to start exploring the seas, another strange thing happened - sightings of odd tentacles popping out of the ground and spreading some kind of a contagious virus that corrupted the land. It started with Mt. Mossfloor, but soon, reports from Thraul and Stinkraw Swamp also arrived. They were everywhere!

Upon seeing them first-hand, King Henrik instantly knew what was going on, for this was not his first time facing these creatures. They returned to reclaim Conqueria, he thought. He ordered his best soldiers to search the land and secure all areas where the sightings of the voidlings were reported. Studying the nature of the mystical energies that appeared around the voidlings, Variastus, one of the best mages of Conqueria, managed to trace the source. The energy was seeping from the rifts that were created on these locations. No one knew what would happen if you entered one of those rifts, but it was certain that they were the source of this dark alien energy. In fact, the energy was so powerful that it amplified the radiation of the toxins in the swamp - corrupting the whole landscape and spreading toxic air further than it ever went. It reached the south-west part of Conqueria where a factory was located, and the factory had to be closed and sealed off due to the radiation.

To top it all off, after hundreds of years, Eltharion finally started to regain his full power and he used them without hesitation to take control over his son and cleanse his mind of Shanuria's brainwashing. Milice, realizing what he had done, became engulfed in rage and anguish and started to wreak havoc on the world of Necronia. This attracted a space-travelling deity by the name of Silence to take interest in what's going on on Necronia. Known as the 'destroyer of the worlds', Silence travelled across the galaxy and destroyed the planets that were a threat to the universe.

Without knowing that Necronia is inhabited by other Gods and Sentients, Silence entered the world to investigate the situation. Once he arrived on Necronia, he found himself viciously assaulted by Milice and his minions. His power was vast, but so was Milice's, and the clash between the two marked the beginning of a new era.

By channeling their divine energy during the battle, they managed to damage the flow of time - locking some creatures in the moment, or even completely erasing them from existence. The clash ended with Milice being shattered by the hand of Silence whose power he simply could not match.

As Silence was about to proceed with the world's destruction, Shanuria and Shiva arrived just in time to prevent him. Even the mightier gods such as himself could not resist Shanuria's charm. Under the aura of her benevolence, he was convinced that the world of Necronia was not a threat to the universe. In fact, the biggest threat in whole of creation, the voidlings - are attacking this world.

Silence saw the opportunity to turn Necronia into a trap that would help rid the universe of voidlings, so he decided to stay and helped repair the damage that his clash with Milice had caused. They called yet another mighty creature of the divine race to their aid - The Engineer. His profound knowledge in fundamentals of the world would help them repair Necronia. However, with the three of them focused on fixing the damage, the task of defending the world was entirely left to the lesser creatures of Necronia.

The Engineer was able to detect the rifts of the voidlings as they were slowly forming on the surface of Necronia. Someone was in control of their formation. The rifts are assumed only to be a device for whoever is controlling them to allow a massive flood of vodlings directed at Necronia. They are like wormholes, except nobody knew where exactly they would take you if you were to step into one.

With the help of his very organized exploration teams, King Henrik was able to collect information about four rifts, but the Engineer detected the forming of six rifts in the world. Something was missing...

As the whole human race wondered where the missing rifts are, news from the Explorer Guild arrived at the castle of Conqueria. They spoke of a new land, far to the south-east, reportedly larger than the continent of Avernum itself. As soon as the King thought that the question about the missing rifts was solved, he read the next sentence which answered an even older question.

"This, sir, seems to be a land of Elves. We can not say for sure, but from what we have observed, they are the only creatures roaming these lands. We will set up a base and begin further investigation."

The shocked King could not believe his eyes.
With everything united against the human race, how are we to survive?
If this war is to take place, no God will be able to help us.

But maybe... a hero will.

To be continued...