Necronia's rules must be respected by all team members as well as players. Violating any of these rules is punishable. The level of punishment depends on which rule was violated. The following statements represent actions that are considered rule violations:

1. Character Naming
a) Names which contain insulting (e.g. "Bastard"), racist (e.g. "Nigger"), extremely right-wing (e.g. "Hitler"), sexist (e.g. "Bitch") or offensive (e.g. "Copkiller") language, as well as names related to private body parts (e.g. "Penis").

b) Names containing (parts of) sentences (e.g. "Mike returns"), nonsensical combinations of letters (e.g. "Fgfshdsfg") or invalid formattings (e.g. "Thegreatknight").

c) Names which were created to fake other players' identities (e.g. "Arieswer" instead of "Arieswar") or official positions (e.g. "System Admin").

d) Names that advertise objects (e.g. "Goldfor Upgrades" or "Jointhis Server")

2. Cheating
a) Exploiting obvious errors of the game ("bugs"), for instance to duplicate items. If you find an error you must report it to Necronia Team immediately.

b) Intentional abuse of weaknesses in the gameplay, for example arranging objects or players in a way that other players cannot move them.

c) Using tools to automatically perform or repeat certain actions without any interaction by the player ("macros").

d) Manipulating the client program or using additional software to play the game.

e) Trying to steal other players' account data ("hacking").

f) Playing on more than one account and/or character at the same time ("multi-clienting").

3. Necronia Team
a) Threatening a team member because of his or her actions on position as a rule enforcer or developer.

b) Pretending to be a team member or to have influence on the decisions of a team member.

c) Intentionally giving wrong or misleading information to a team member concerning his or her investigations or making false reports about rule violations.

d) Slandering or agitating against Necronia Team.
In case you have an issue with the game, the way it is developed and handled, or anyone from Necronia Team, this issue should be resolved through a private conversation with the said member or the head department of Necronia development (deities).

e) Boycotting against Necronia Team or its services.

4. Player Killing

a) Excessive killing of characters who are not marked with a "skull". Please note that killing marked characters is not a reason for a banishment. This banishment will activate automatically and its duration depends on how many frags you have. (For more information about this, refer to the Manual or FAQ regarding the PVP system.)
Note - This kind of banishment will not be imposed by a staff member but automatically by the server.

5. Theft, Fraud & Illegal Profiting
a) Selling your virtual Necronia property (e.g. items) for real-life profit.

b) Selling or reselling Necronia Points and Epic Account medals for real-life profit without the approval of Necronia Team.

c) Attempting to sell account data.

6. Game, team and player security
a) Attempting to harm the game by disrupting, attacking or damaging the operation of its servers. (e.g. DDoS attack)

b) Violating a law or compromising the security of our service(s) or their users. If a player in Necronia or any of our social services claims that he has done, or will do, something that will compromise the security of our game, team, player(s), or violate any kind of a legal law - it may lead to an investigation and possible actions taken against the player.

7. Statements.
a) Writing in a chat channel using a language that is not appropriate for said channel.
Note - English is the official game language and must be used for communication in all chat channels except Default channel, Private channels and conversations and the Lounge channel.

b) Writing unrelated / offtopic statements in a channel, or mis-using a chat channel. (e.g. writing advertisements and offers in the Lounge channel)

c) Making highly offensive statements, using too vulgar language, profusely and continously swearing, etc.

8. Misc.
a) Commiting an action that is deemed inappropriate, immoral, or unacceptable by the staff members of Necronia Team.
Note - We reserve the right to impose punishments upon anyone, for any reason that we deem sufficient (and which can not be found on the rule list above).

A violation of the Necronia Rules may lead to temporary banishment of characters and accounts. In severe cases, removal or modification of character skills, attributes and belongings, as well as the permanent removal of accounts without any compensation may be considered. The sanction is based on the seriousness of the rule violation and the previous record of the player. It is determined by the CM/Deity imposing the banishment. These rules may be changed at any time. All changes will be announced on the official website.