Happy Halloween
Posted on 2016-11-01 18:50:13 by Shiva

Greetings everyone!

On behalf of our team, I'd like to wish you a happy halloween and joyful trick or treating!
Some of you may have come to expect a special event on Necronia due to this occasion, but I regret to announce that this year, there will be no special event on Halloween precisely. Though, there may perhaps be another surprise, later in the month. So, why no event?

Things are stirring up in our team and we're preparing for some changes, putting a big focus on fixing and stabilizing currently implemented content, rather than creating more of it. After some evaluation, I've concluded that there is no point in releasing more new content until the previously existing bugs are fixed, because if we continue down that route, we're in a never-ending cycle of creating more problems than we're fixing. So during this month, and what time follows, we will focus hard on the issues you have reported.

Though some awesome assets for the halloween season has been implemented, we haven't been able to fully finish it for an event, and I don't intend to do it right now because of the focus shift I just spoke about.
If another client update happens to be released during November, you will all receive a special avatar.

From now onward, as same as the month of January represents the Winter Season in Necronia, November shall be known as the "Mourngloom Season" - the time when humble Necronians take their evenings to mourn their dead and pay respects to peace, silence, and the gods who have granted them another year of their lives in these scary times of conflict. More about Mourngloom and its features will be posted if we manage to roll out this final piece of new content during this month, if not, then we will see what happens next year.

House Fix Applied
Posted on 2016-10-26 13:39:53 by Shiva
This morning, the experimental fixes for the House System (in regards to houses getting wiped upon server restart) have been applied.

They are live on the server now, but like I keep saying,
do not keep important items in your house.

This is an experimental change and we still can not be sure 100% that it's going to work. We will not be responsible for any losses you experience due to the faulty system, you have been warned.

 Please stay on alert and let us know if you notice wipes happening even after this fix!
Patch 1.23 is live!
Posted on 2016-10-19 17:59:28 by Shiva

Hey everyone! Since today's server save, the much anticipated patch 1.23 is live.

I prepared a page where you can read all of the highlights from the patch, but if you are interested in the fully detailed log, I suggest you go to the changelog page instead.

Have a nice read, and thanks for joining in on the fun. Stay tuned and connect with our Discord for daily interactions within the community.
We might have a surprise coming up in about 2 weeks.

New features, free items and services for you, balance and performance changes, and more about this patch can be read here.

Maintenance and Patch 1.23
Posted on 2016-10-19 01:33:01 by Shiva

The server will be inaccessible from 03:30 AM, today, until the server save. At that point, you will be able to download the 1.23 patch and start playing on it.
More about the update soon.

Unexpected Downtime
Posted on 2016-10-17 14:24:05 by Shiva
Due to an unexpected malfunction in the system's process handler, the server has been offline for the majority of the day. It will continue being offline until this is fixed, which should be sometime around 18:00-20:00 PM, today, according to Tarjei. Stay connected via our Discord for more frequent updates.