Explore Shivernorth

Whether it's your first time experiencing A Dawn of Joy, or you've helped out Santa before, this quick overview will get you up to speed on what festivites and activities await on the isle of Shivernorth.

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How to visit Shivernorth?

You can find a Santa's Reindeer Sleigh in Conqueria and Bawfuria.

[Use] the sleigh to get transported to Shivernorth.
You can also use a [Santa's Hat] if you have one, to teleport there.

What awaits me there?

Lots of Baddies

Shivernorth is full of nasty Gobos, their trained earthcrawlers and yetis. They've been known to work together in an effort to sabotage winter celebrations and steal Santa's presents. What kind of evil are they up to this year? Even the villainous Gobo Overlord is said to appear here around this time of the year.

Many Presents

Collect the present bundles looted throughout Shivernorth and Bawfuria and open them to receive a surprise. You will also have the chance to loot Silentsnow Keys, which will allow you to open the Silentsnow Chest, full of various items.

Important Tasks

Santa's christmas tree is looking sad this year. His reindeer also lost their power because of this. Gobos stole the magical decorations off of the tree, and it's up to you Necronians to work together and re-decorate the tree. Bring the tree back to its former glory, and unlock perks, avatars, boss encounters and a reward for the entire world at the end of the winter season.

Shivernorth's Folk

Meet Santa and the other folks from Shivernorth!
Puffles provides warm yetling constumes.
Nort will always offer you a warm meal, free of charge!
Olaf and Rjolr are fighting at the gates fiercefully.
And Santa... is sulking in the corner.
Help him out and get rewards.

Furthermore, here's what you need to know:

Christmas Stats

There are 4 new stats that you can build up on your character: Christmas Joy, Christmas Festivity, Christmas Spirit and Christmas Essence. The higher these stats are, the better the chance of you opening a rare, ultimate or legendary gift from christmas bundles. You can increase these stats by eating winter season food or participating in raids.

Winter Season Food

We have unlocked new cooking recipes for all of you. Make yourself some christmas cookies or hot cocoa to warm you up, and fill up your christmas stats just by eating them. You can loot ingredients for these recipes from Shivernorth monsters or opening the present bundles.

Snowball Fighting

You can create snowballs from Heaps of Snow (as seen in the image below). Throw snowballs at other people to increase your snowball score. If you get hit by someone else's snowball, your score will be reduced. Increase your score high enough, and you will obtain a reward and an achievement.

Gobos VS Gnomes

This season, we invite you to come and test the new Gobos VS Gnomes PVP event. In the event, 2 teams of players playing as either gobos or gnomes, will fight the others with snowballs only. There are special powerups and special snowballs made only for this event, that have some crazy effects when thrown. This event should be available mid-January onwards.